Record Replays on Autopilot

Just connect your League of Legends account and your replay videos or highlights will be available on our site for download or upload to your channel.

An easy way to publish your replays

Hands-free Recording

Your replay is recorded on our servers in FullHD@60FPS according to your criteria. Record winning matches, high KDA matches or matches with your favorite champion, plus many other options for match recording selection.

Hassle-free Uploads

Connect your YouTube channel and your replays will be automatically uploaded from our servers. Or if you are streamer, they will be processed from your stream video and uploaded with thumbnails.

Gameplay or Highlights

Select between whole gameplay or your best moments in the match. Runes, Items, and other match data are automatically added to your title, description or thumbnail.

Timeline Editing

All game events are put on a video timeline so that you know when they are happening. You can then select your favorite parts and upload them to your channel.